Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

Months ago, I built a printed lighthouse weather station. It used Classical Bluetooth to communicate between a Raspberry Pi in Python and a mobile application in Flutter. I migrated both to support Bluetooth Low Energy.

My dad is a Brittany lover. If he could, he would live in a lighthouse. For his birthday, I thought to giving him a connected lighthouse station.

A BLB LaPiovra with the Cyclic project on its back.

Riding in the streets. Zigzagging up between the cars. At night, two little lights at the front and the back of the bike to see and be seen… But not bright enough, right? The Neopixel Strip comes to the rescue.

Électriquement Vôtre

“Je m’appelle Blot, Florent Blot, agent secret au service de Arduino. J’ai co-animé un atelier sur l’Internet des…

Miss Acacia‘s gift

“A gift! I need to find a gift” says Jack. “A lamp, maybe…”, replies Méliès. The young man’s mechanical heart races. “Good idea! I will build a lightning clock, like my heart”. “Sorry, what?”

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Part 1: Idea)

Bedside lamp in Monstropolis

The closet door opens itself. Sulley comes out, slowly. The tall blue monster whispers: “Hi Boo, someone told us you’re afraid of the dark. So we decided to help you by creating a bedside lamp.”

Living in the Material World

3D picture by Andy Ximenes on ArtStation

Start your future with Kotlin

Dr. Emmett Brown is driving the DeLorean. He wants to show his server-app to his friend, Marty McFly. But the travel does not go well, his server-app is gone. Will Marty succeed to quickly build a new one?

Back your future with Kotlin

Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly are trapped in time. They should go to the cloud to restart the DeLorean and get back to their timeline…

Florent Blot

Maker, Mobile developer, Dart enthusiast, IoT & DIY addict

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