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My dad is a Brittany lover. If he could, he would live in a lighthouse. For his birthday, I thought to giving him a connected lighthouse station.

My idea was to built a device which could inform him about the weather with a color set. I also wanted my dad to be able to change the location or the device’s color from his smartphone. So I had two parts to create: a connected weather station and a mobile app.

When I have a new project in mind, I often search on Thingiverse and Cults3D to get inspiration. This helps me to visualize my idea. I found different lighthouses, here and there. And I found this one by Kijai. So, instead of recreating the wheel, I decided to use it. …

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A BLB LaPiovra with the Cyclic project on its back.

Riding in the streets. Zigzagging up between the cars. At night, two little lights at the front and the back of the bike to see and be seen… But not bright enough, right? The Neopixel Strip comes to the rescue.

My goal was to use a brighter light on my bike, to be seen in the streets at night and be detected by any cars or bikers easier.

I wanted to use a light strip and control its colors by pushing a button while I was riding. I also wanted it to strip it out from the bike simply by pulling it when I parked, to avoid potential theft of my lights. …

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Électriquement Vôtre

Inspiré par Dangereusement Vôtre (A View To A Kill)

Les propos de Laurence et Kelyan sont de véritables réponses issues d’un questionnaire individuel. Seuls les dialogues des trois agents secrets sont fictifs.

“Je m’appelle Blot, Florent Blot, agent secret au service de Arduino. J’ai co-animé un atelier sur l’Internet des Objets avec les agents Laforest, Florian Laforest et Zaïti, Louis-Gabriel ZAITI, pour en apprendre plus sur Max Zorin.”

Chapitre 1 : La rencontre

Afin d’en savoir plus sur Zorin, Blot, Laforest et Zaiti se rendent à la Tour Eiffel pour rencontrer Tibbett et ses contacts. Espérant les retrouver dans la Tour, ils commencent leur ascension.

Au premier étage de la Tour, les trois agents rencontrent Laurence Wolff, coach Agile de beNext, Kelyan Morfouesse, ingénieur data chez Vyve, et six autres membres de beNext. …

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Miss Acacia‘s gift

Inspired by Jack et la Mécanique du Cœur

“A gift! I need to find a gift” says Jack. “A lamp, maybe…”, replies Méliès. The young man’s mechanical heart races. “Good idea! I will build a lightning clock, like my heart”. “Sorry, what?”

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Part 1: Idea)

Jack jumps to the desk in the room. He scribbles, like possessed. Few minutes later, he shouts: “I have it!” Georges Méliès approaches. Many notes are written on the papers:

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Bedside lamp in Monstropolis

Inspired by Monsters, Inc

The closet door opens itself. Sulley comes out, slowly. The tall blue monster whispers: “Hi Boo, someone told us you’re afraid of the dark. So we decided to help you by creating a bedside lamp.”

Living in the Material World

– Hello, you remember your uncle Mike, right?, says a weird one-eye monster, all green and round, passing the door.
– Of course, replies Sulley, she remembers us, Mike.
– Boo!, lovely confirms the young girl, reaching her hands to Sulley.

The fluffy blue beast hugs the girl in a pink pyjamas. Mike mumbles:

– Yeah, of course, I bring all the materials here and you take all the hugs.
– I heard you, friend, says Sulley holding the child. Boo, we came up with the idea to build a bedside lamp for you. A flashy one, so you won’t fear the dark anymore, ah. By the way — he turns on his fellow and asks — what did you bring? …

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3D picture by Andy Ximenes on ArtStation

Start your future with Kotlin

Inspired by Back To The Future

Dr. Emmett Brown is driving the DeLorean. He wants to show his server-app to his friend, Marty McFly. But the travel does not go well, his server-app is gone. Will Marty succeed to quickly build a new one?

The DeLorean is moving in the streets of Hill Valey. Dr. Brown, focused, drives slowly whereas Marty, looking throught the window, seems lost in his thoughts. After a few minutes, while the engine purring is the only sound around, the doctor breaks the silence:

– Would you like to see how I managed to turn this DeLorean into a time-machine? After what we been through, I think you deserve it.
– Really, Doc? Ah… Are you serious? I’d love to!
– Well young man, carries on Emmett showing a delighted smile, put your seat belt on, we’ll go in 2142! …

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Back your future with Kotlin

Inspired by Back To The Future

Prologue: follow Marty and Emmett in their previous adventure to install a server-app with Heroku and Spark.


Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly are trapped in time. They should go to the cloud to restart the DeLorean and get back to their timeline. Will they succeed to easily create a server using Heroku, mLab, Spark and KMongo to go back home?

The DeLorean wouldn’t start, the engine stays silent. Dr. Brown, frustrated, gets out of the car, followed by Marty. While he walks a few steps, he shouts:

– Since we, and this car, aren’t in the cloud anymore, we cannot start the engine and go back in time. We’re stuck here! He takes a look at his young friend and asks, Marty, can you create a POC server?
– No, I can’t, answers the boy, I just develop front apps! Some of them was in Kotlin tho. …


Florent Blot

Mobile developer, Dart enthusiast, passionate by IoT, DIY, movies and music.

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